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Product Development/Production Scientist

Posted by sandiegobiotech August 30th, 2012 .
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Hiring Company: Advanced BioMatrix

Location: Poway, California

Description: Advanced BioMatrix, Inc. is located in Poway, California and has a focus to produce and provided high quality matrix proteins and products (e.g. collagens, fibronectin, laminin, glycosaminoglycans) to research customers primarily doing cell culture.

The company is initially looking for a part time employee with a breadth of experience to assist in the continued growth of the company and expansion of its core capabilities and product line.

This position will provide a challenging, motivating and rewarding environment designed to foster innovation and scientific excellence. Join us and experience our unique culture while you develop and expand your career.

• New process/product development and research of matrix products and proteins.
• Develop or implement analytical methods for testing matrix products.

• B.S. degree in biology or a related field. Additional education can be a plus.
• A minimum of 7 years experience in protein purification and analytical methods.
• Enjoy working in the laboratory, developing production processes and analytical
• Ability to work as part of a small focused team to perform new product development,
production, testing, general lab duties and interfacing with customers.
• Must have abilities to work with team and possess an excellent work ethic.
• Excellent problem solving, written and verbal communication skills.
• Experience in spectrometry, electrophoresis, chromatography and other purification and analytical
• Experience in cell culture methods and techniques a plus.

Link for more information: http://www.advancedbiomatrix.com

To apply: Send resume to support@advancedbiomatrix.com