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Bootstrapping Biotech: Get Involved!

Check out the feedback we got from San Diego Biotechnology Network members at our October 29th Event ‘Bootstrapping Biotech.’ We heard about what motivates you, challenges you, and how you feel about the SDBN. Keep the comments coming! We’ll post videos here and on our YouTube Channel, stay tuned, literally! We’ll continue the conversation at our December 8th event, join in!

Download presentation from this Oct. 29th Event (PDF)

We want to help to Bootstrap Biotechnology in San Diego by connecting your skills and technologies. We’ll load resources, presentations and videos from the Oct. 29th event here to help, and this page will serve as a resource for you before and after the event.

Here’s how it works. Join the SDBN LinkedIn group. Comment below with your:

  1. Name:
  2. LinkedIn URL: (web address–you can find it on your profile page)
  3. Who I am: Description of yourself or company
  4. What I’m looking for: Who or what type of companies you’d like to connect with: technologies, capabilities, etc.
  5. You’ll be emailed when others leave comments and can look them up on LinkedIn (all LinkedIn SDBN members can message each other–don’t worry, we’ll look for and remove spammers).

We realize that you’re busy and don’t want to make this too fancy or complicated, but we would love to also hear from you on ways we can connect you better–feel free to leave comments below as well. We’ll also be interviewing you at the event to get your feedback we’ll post the videos here.