Jenny Chaplin is an experienced project manager and team leader. She is currently a Development Director at Pfizer in La Jolla, where she has responsibility for oncology projects in the early stages of development. She joined Pfizer early in 2014 after serving as Director, Project Planning and Management at Vical, where she was responsible for project and alliance management for vaccine development projects in early and late stages. In this role, she led a Phase 3 infectious disease project in collaboration with a global large pharma partner. Prior to Vical, Jenny held several positions in research settings, including Diversa and AECI. She graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jenny has also held leadership positions in the San Diego chapter of AWIS, where she was President in 2008-2009. She is a founding member of the AWIS-SD Leadership Network, which she currently co-chairs. She is a member of the Project Management Institute and holds a PMP certification.


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