Steve has been involved in San Diego biotech for over 20 years and is currently Director of Project Management at Halozyme. During his 8 years at Halozyme he has served as the project manager for Halozyme’s dermatology portfolio since its inception and for the cellulite program since its advancement as a development program. Dr. Linton leads the Hylenex CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, and controls) team with responsibility for manufacturing of commercial Hylenex and the development, validation and approval of two new drug product presentations. He was also project manager for osteoporosis and oncology programs during his initial years at Halozyme. Prior to that, Dr. Linton spent 10 years with the startup Idun Pharmaceuticals, contributing as a medicinal chemist to the development of their caspase inhibitor drug discovery platform, as well as investigating other modulators of apoptosis and is widely published in this area. During that time he was part of the core team that presented Idun technology to potential investors, culminating in the Pfizer acquisition in 2005. Dr. Linton began his career at Gensia Pharmaceuticals in 1992. He earned a B.S. degree in chemistry from Texas Christian University and his Ph.D. in organic chemistry in the area of natural product synthesis from Rice University.


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