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Steve Scott, offers an unique breadth of experience and insight into the business leadership process. Steve’s held top key positions at leading firms for pharmaceutical process inspection, software development, e-commerce, DNA diagnostics, biomedical research, auto manufacturing and industrial automation. He trained in corporate growth, strategic development, finance, operations, leadership, international business, restructure, M & A, science, technology, and law.

So far, Steve has completed the purchase of six companies and three turn-arounds. His corporate governance experience includes director positions on 14 boards which include public, private, trade and 501(c)3 organizations. Recently, he served on two public boards where he sat on the audit committees and chaired one. In addition to early stage and small companies, he performed projects for many leading Fortune 1000 companies, such as General Electric, IBM, AT&T, Warner Lambert, Roche, Ayerst-Wyeth, and Johnson & Johnson.
Steve is CEO of Technology Acquisition Group ( ) where he frequently fills the CEO/COO roles for clients needing to move to the next stage. He, also, actively mentors CEOs on strategy, financing and leadership and sits as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the University of California San Diego Connect. Link to him at and, and


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