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Translational Research Forum at #BIO2010: Learning From the Land of Lincoln

Posted by Mary Canady May 4th, 2010 .
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I attended the translational research forum Monday morning at the BIO 2010 convention in Chicago. The morning started with Congressman Dan Lipinski from Illinois, who was a great choice as he is a member of the House Committee for Science and Technology, as well as the House Committee on Small Business. He is sponsoring the NSF Reauthorization Bill, which will increase the NSF budget to $20B by 2015 and include funding for higher risk/reward projects. The bill will also have provisions for research infrastructure and education. This bill is slated …


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#EB10 Conference Report: Lee Hood – A Systems Biology approach to prion disease

Posted by Dr. Gunn April 26th, 2010 .
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This is a post from the 2010 Experimental Biology meeting in Anaheim, part of the SDBN conference reporting channel.
Leroy Hood probably doesn’t need any introduction here, but for those who don’t know, he’s a leader in using a systems biology to address large, complex medical problems. One such problem is prion disease, a disorder caused by a proteinaceous infectious agent which results in neurodegenerative symptoms as the proteins accumulate in the brain. After decreasing in recent years subsequent to the slaughter of 4.4 million potentially prion-bearing cattle in the …


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#SBS10 report: iPS disease models coming of age for neurology

Posted by Dr. Gunn April 14th, 2010 .
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I went to a morning session on stem cells on day 2 of the Society for Biomolecular Science meeting in Phoenix, a meeting focused on advancements in drug discovery and screening technology.  After this, it’s all epigenetics.
Stephen Haggarty, Director of the Stanley Center Department of Chemical Neurology spoke on stem cells as genetically accurate disease models. The idea here is that you can take cells from a patient (and relatives) and use the clever trick first reported by Yamanaka et al. to convert skin fibroblast cells into stem cells, called …


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SBS Day Two: A Holistic Approach To Drug Discovery #sbs10

Posted by Mary Canady April 14th, 2010 .
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I’m blogging from the Society for Biomolecular Sciences conference in Phoenix, the organizers were kind enough to offer two of us complimentary passes. I was surprised that the sessions were separated into disease area, technique, or ‘phenomenon’ (e.g., epigenetics) which seemed a bit curious as well, as I had expected the different types of assay technologies would have been the basis (e.g. HTS, Cell-based). It will be interesting to see how this changes if SBS merges with ALA. Nevertheless, I’ve been spending most of my time in the oncology session, …