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Focus on San Diego: Life Science Conferences Spring 2012

Posted by Mary Canady January 31st, 2012 .
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This spring San Diego downtown will be buzzing with scientific discussions as our city hosts a number of major scientific symposia.  We are excited to attend and soak in all the science that will be shared during these two months.  Our own Mary Canady will also be participating in a panel discussing on the triumphs and trials of Transitioning from Academia to Industry at the Annual meeting of the Biophysical Society on Tuesday, February 28, 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM.
We hope that you are planning on attending at least some …


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The Future of Personal Genetic Testing and Diagnostics with Pathway Genomics

Posted by Lara August 26th, 2011 .
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The Pathway Genomics business model is based on bridging a gap in personalized medicine.  As Ed MacBean, their VP of Product Development, explained at SDBN’s August 16th event, in a nutshell they connect clients through their physicians with their own genetic information.   For those interested in self-monitoring, tracking and the impact of personal genetics, a genetic report could teach you how your genetic data can act as a guide in defining a personally-optimized lifestyle.
Pathway Genomics is a genetic and diagnostic health services company based in San Diego. Genotyping and sequencing …


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SDBN August 16th 2011 Event Featuring Pathway Genomics

Posted by Mary Canady July 29th, 2011 .
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We polled you late last year about events you’d like us to have in 2011, and diagnostics was one of the top items on the list. In San Diego, we have a great atmosphere for ‘growing’ diagnostics companies, because we have several world class medical and research facilities as well as biotech companies pushing the envelope in several molecular technologies. Pathway Genomics is a great local company focused on genetic testing for disease risk factors and personal wellness. Tests are ordered by individuals through their doctors to help improve treatment …


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Virtual Biotech Part 1: What We Learned About Effectively Outsourcing a Drug Discovery Program

Posted by Lara July 28th, 2011 .
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The first in our Virtual Biotech series, our July 19th event was a success.  Thanks to our participants – some of San Diego’s leading virtual drug discovery scientists and CROs – for sharing their valuable insights and advice for scientists managing or considering how to manage an outsourced drug discovery project.
We’ve compiled some of the key tips and highlights of the night including:

What activities should you outsource?
Finding the right CRO for your objectives
Managing your CRO relationship successfully every time
Virtual tools to help manage and build your CRO network
Finding the funding …


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SDBN July 19th Event: Virtual Biotech Part 1: How to Effectively Outsource a Drug Discovery Program

Posted by Mary Canady July 1st, 2011 .
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Changes in the drug discovery landscape have presented many tough challenges for our region, including downsizing for larger companies and a dearth of VC funding for startups. With these challenges come opportunities, however, because drug companies are hungry for drug candidates to fill their pipelines. Additionally, the abundance of drug discovery contract research organizations (CROs), the ability to manage them remotely, and the ability to find partners and tools more easily on the internet presents an interesting opportunity.
Our July 19th event is our first in a series of Virtual Biotech …


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SDBN June 21st Event Featuring aTyr Pharma

Posted by Mary Canady May 27th, 2011 .
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The San Diego Biotechnology Network’s June 21st event will feature aTyr Pharma, with Board Member and CEO Jeffry Watkins (Bio) giving a talk titled “Innovation: Where is our Biology?” aTyr is developing therapeutics based on physiocrines, small proteins involved in signaling pathways for areas such hematology, immunology, and metabolism disorders. The company was founded based on research which originated at the Scripps Research Institute, and Watkins’ title indicates the company is reaching beyond in vitro drug discovery to focus on biological processes. It will be exciting to see the …


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SDBN April 19th 2011 Event Featuring Celgene

Posted by Mary Canady March 22nd, 2011 .
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Through research, acquisitions, and mergers, Celgene has built a robust product portfolio and pipeline in hematology and oncology. This accomplishment is quite a feat in today’s environment, with pharma pipelines dwindling, and they are one of the top ten fastest growing biotech stocks. Celgene has more than 4,000 employees worldwide, with important work being carried out at their San Diego location. David Webb, Vice President, Research & San Diego Site Director (Bio) will give a presentation titled “Celgene’s Drug Discovery Engine in San Diego” at our April 19th event.
As always, …


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2011 Poll Results: Drug Development, Networking Top Interests

Posted by Mary Canady February 4th, 2011 .
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Thanks to everyone who took our 2011 poll, the results are IN! See the slideshare presentation below which summarizes the results. Check out the word cloud based on the essay answers, with largest words representing those used the most frequently by respondents, helping you to understand the results as a whole visually. We had a fairly small sample size (37), and still welcome input, leave your response here or on the LinkedIn post.
2011 poll
View more presentations from Mary Canady.

We use the results to plan the 2011 schedule. Here is a …


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SDBN February 15th Event Featuring Althea Technologies

Posted by Mary Canady January 28th, 2011 .
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2011 is a new year for San Diego Biotech and we’re hoping that the good news will outweigh the bad. Let’s start off featuring a great company with a long history of success in the region, Althea Technologies. In a recent poll of members the top interest was in hearing about drug development, so you’ll really enjoy hearing about Althea’s contract development and manufacturing which helps drugs reach consumers. Maya Agarwal, Business Processes Supervisor at Althea, will present a talk about the company’s history titled “A San Diego Success Story.” …


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SDBN December 7th 2nd Anniversary Party: Express Yourself

Posted by Mary Canady November 4th, 2010 .
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We asked you recently how you want to celebrate the San Diego Biotechnology Network’s 2nd anniversary and the answer is clear: you want to party! We certainly need to take a break and celebrate, let’s do it!
Here is what we’ve come up with for the celebration. Covance is our Premier Sponsor for the event and we’ve asked them to give a short talk which will include some success stories that will hopefully lead to some interesting discussions as to how we can grow San Diego biotech. We also received an …