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SDBN Happy Hour and LinkedIn Tips for Biotech Professionals

Posted by Lara November 4th, 2011 .
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What a great turnout last week!  Thanks to all who attended SDBN’s first Happy Hour event, and thanks to our sponsor Avitus Group. As always we enjoyed seeing many familiar as well as new faces within the local scientific community.
Congratulations to Ramy Aziz, Visiting Scientist at UCSD Systems Biology Research Group, who was the big winner. A social butterfly collecting more than 25 business cards, he collected the prize of a $50 Amazon gift card – thanks Avitus Group!

We appreciate everyone who was able to participate …


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The Future of Personal Genetic Testing and Diagnostics with Pathway Genomics

Posted by Lara August 26th, 2011 .
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The Pathway Genomics business model is based on bridging a gap in personalized medicine.  As Ed MacBean, their VP of Product Development, explained at SDBN’s August 16th event, in a nutshell they connect clients through their physicians with their own genetic information.   For those interested in self-monitoring, tracking and the impact of personal genetics, a genetic report could teach you how your genetic data can act as a guide in defining a personally-optimized lifestyle.
Pathway Genomics is a genetic and diagnostic health services company based in San Diego. Genotyping and sequencing …


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Virtual Biotech Part 1: What We Learned About Effectively Outsourcing a Drug Discovery Program

Posted by Lara July 28th, 2011 .
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The first in our Virtual Biotech series, our July 19th event was a success.  Thanks to our participants – some of San Diego’s leading virtual drug discovery scientists and CROs – for sharing their valuable insights and advice for scientists managing or considering how to manage an outsourced drug discovery project.
We’ve compiled some of the key tips and highlights of the night including:

What activities should you outsource?
Finding the right CRO for your objectives
Managing your CRO relationship successfully every time
Virtual tools to help manage and build your CRO network
Finding the funding …


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2011 Poll Results: Drug Development, Networking Top Interests

Posted by Mary Canady February 4th, 2011 .
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Thanks to everyone who took our 2011 poll, the results are IN! See the slideshare presentation below which summarizes the results. Check out the word cloud based on the essay answers, with largest words representing those used the most frequently by respondents, helping you to understand the results as a whole visually. We had a fairly small sample size (37), and still welcome input, leave your response here or on the LinkedIn post.
2011 poll
View more presentations from Mary Canady.

We use the results to plan the 2011 schedule. Here is a …


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Happy 2nd Birthday SDBN! How Should We Celebrate?

Posted by Mary Canady October 13th, 2010 .

It’s hard to believe it, but two years ago in November of 2008, we had our first SDBN event featuring Sapphire Energy at Rock Bottom in La Jolla. We soon outgrew that venue and have found a nice home at Tango del Rey, a one-of-a-kind location in PB which we feel is amenable to networking. To facilitate interaction, we’ve also tried to keep the cost of the events as low as possible, and to have interesting events which draw a nice crowd.
We started the SDBN to foster communication between biotech …


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SDBN Volunteers Needed for Coastal Cleanup Day September 25th

Posted by Mary Canady September 6th, 2010 .
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We all hear about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an ‘island’ estimated to be twice the size of Texas containing plastic and other waste. How can we help to prevent more trash from reaching our oceans? California Coastal Cleanup Day is September 25th, and we have a great opportunity to help clean up trash inland before the rainy season carries it to the ocean.
Coastal cleanups started in 1984 on the Oregon coast, and now includes California volunteers from all coastal counties, with 80,000 participating last year and 10,000 in San …


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Speaking of pipelines, what about the education pipeline? #oss2010

Posted by Dr. Gunn August 3rd, 2010 .
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This is a post from the Open Science Summit, a weekend of talks and discussion about this emerging research approach. Disclosure: Mendeley Research Networks is a sponsor of OSS2010.
Friday had a short series of talks on applying microfinance and crowdfunding models to doing science. David Vitrant from Fund Science, David Fries from SciFlies, and Jason Blue Smith from EurekaFund spoke in this session. The idea behind microfinance is to provide a alternative channel for funding high-risk research that doesn’t fit in the traditional funding channels such as …


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What’s BiotechCamp? A New Way to Share Ideas Is Coming!

Posted by Mary Canady July 11th, 2010 .
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Mary Canady BarcampSD 7 ‘Crowdsourcing Cat Herding’ from Mary Canady on Vimeo.
I presented at a local ‘unconference’ called Barcamp recently in San Diego. The event is great because it is unscripted and interdisciplinary, and we’d like to extend the model to biotech and life science, with the goal of having a ‘BiotechCamp’ in San Diego soon. Check out the presentation, and if you have any ideas, please feel free to add them to the wiki we’ve set up at http://biotechcamp.org. We have a team of about ten now who will …


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San Diego Stem Cell Coalition to Fight ALS: CIRM Update

Posted by Mary Canady June 30th, 2010 .
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The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) granted a local interdisciplinary research team from UCSD, Salk, and Life Technologies $11.5 million for research aimed at finding a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease. On June 23rd, CIRM hosted a public research update which I attended. The project is an excellent example of local research organizations and companies working together towards translating research into real cures, funded by California citizens who realize the promise of stem cell technologies.
The ALS team is led by Lawrence Goldstein, Ph.D., and …


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Join Us at BarCamp in San Diego July 10/11

Posted by Mary Canady June 18th, 2010 .
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There’s a cool local event we think would be a great opportunity to explore new ways to communicate science. A group of us are going to BarCamp San Diego, a two day ‘Unconference’ which is described below. Check it out (use link above and more info/register here) and contact us if you’d like to give a presentation, if your company would like to sponsor (very affordable, great for tech-friendly life science companies), or if you’re just interested in learning more.
What is BarCamp?
BarCamp is an international network of “unconferences” where geeks, …