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Sales Agent (San Diego)

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Our company is a rapidly growing technology firm providing high-end technology solutions for companies in a variety of industries, with specific expertise in the Life Sciences industry (BioTech, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Medical Devices). We hav [...]

BioNano’s Irys System Adopted by Leading Genomics Centers for Comprehensive Detection of Human Genome Structural Variation

October 21, 2014 – 10:54 am | Edit Post

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – BioNano Genomics, the genome mapping company, announced today the latest genomics research centers to purchase an Irys™ System. Among them are the Salk Institute, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), NIH Intramural Sequencing Center (NISC) and Genoscope (The French National Sequencing Center). Before Irys, obtaining a comprehensive view of a genome was a major hurdle, because next generation sequencing (NGS) does not deliver the scalability or reliability to detect and assemble large repetitive elements and structural variations. To achieve high quality genome analysis and comprehensive views of variation, a complete genome map is essential.

BioNano’s Irys System is a long-read genome mapping solution that reveals the location, order and orientation of clinically relevant genome components, including the length and location of long repeats and viral integration sites, which are often implicated in complex diseases such as cancer. Irys finds all types of structural variations in a single run, without prior knowledge of the variants.

The Salk Institute plans to implement the Irys System to develop more complete and accurate assemblies to better understand the contribution of structural variation for human and plant genomes. Structural variation comprises the majority of differences among individuals within any species. Next generation sequencing can quickly identify what pieces are in the puzzle, but an accurate map or picture is needed to fully assemble each individual genome.

Structural variation, which comprises a substantial portion of genome differences among individuals, has been connected to numerous diseases and is expected to be crucial to applying genomic information in personalized medicine and diagnostics. Structural variations include insertions, deletions, inversions, translocations and repeats. As a whole, they have sometimes been referred to as the “inaccessible genome,” because next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies in large part miss this vital information.

“The adoption by these four prestigious centers is telling of researchers’ response to the capabilities of BioNano’s Irys System as a ‘must-have’ technology,” said Todd Dickinson, Ph.D., vice president, Global Commercial Operations at BioNano Genomics. “BioNano’s Irys System streamlines the process of genome assembly, annotation, and structural variation analysis, and provides a single platform to perform large, comprehensive structural variation studies. Irys provides rapid and reliable access to this previously ‘inaccessible genome.’”

NCI will be using the Irys System to analyze the role of structural variation in the development and progression of cancer. At NISC, the Irys System will be available as a core technology to run human and non-human samples, including microbial, invertebrates and pathogens. Founded in 1996, Genoscope, which was involved in the sequencing of the human genome, has adopted the Irys System to detect structural variation and to complete genomes for various projects.

“Large-scale structural variation in particular has been implicated in a broad range of cancers and is essential to furthering our understanding of this disease,” said Dr. Dickinson. “Without technologies that can identify and organize all the structural variation within a cancer genome, the complexity of mutations and rearrangements cannot be untangled.”  

Dr. Dickinson concluded, “Enabling the cancer research community with the Irys system for translational research is a key part of our strategic mission and commercialization strategy. We are thrilled that the National Cancer Institute has adopted BioNano’s Irys System to provide a comprehensive picture of structural variation and enable a systematic understanding of the genetic drivers of cancer.”

About Irys

Irys makes it possible to routinely and accurately detect genomic structural variation and to finish genome assemblies. The fully automated Irys benchtop instrument uses the IrysChip to uncoil and confine long DNA molecules in proprietary Nanochannel Arrays™ where they are uniformly linearized in a highly parallel display for high-resolution, single-molecule imaging. Irys does not employ DNA fragmentation or amplification, which are typical with next-generation sequencing. The result is sequence information over extremely long “reads” ranging from hundreds of kilobases to a megabase, where the sample’s valuable structural information is preserved. Irys makes it possible for researchers to directly observe structural variants including replications, deletions, translocations and inversions.

About BioNano Genomics

Headquartered in San Diego, BioNano Genomics is delivering an altogether better way of gaining a fully informed understanding of genomes. The Company’s platform provides researchers and clinicians the most comprehensive, organized and actionable picture of a genome with unprecedented insights into how the individual components of genomes are ordered, arranged, and interact with each other. BioNano Genomics works with institutions in life science, translational research, molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine. The Company is supported by private investors and grant funding from genomics programs at federal agencies, including the NIH and NIST-ATP.


Notes: BioNano Genomics is a trademark of BioNano Genomics, Inc. Any other names of actual companies, organizations, entities, products or services may be the trademarks of their respective owners.
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Sr. Applications Support Engineer – Global Facilities

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CA-San Diego, Job Summary: Illumina is seeking a Sr. Applications Support Engineer to work in our Global Information Services organization. This role will be responsible for existing application administration and support as well as new application design and configuration. The area of focus will be technology utilized within the Global Facilities organization including Real Estate, Engineering & Operations, Se

Formulations Technician (San Diego)

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We are one of the largest Molecular Diagnostic companies in San Diego County and are looking for a formulations technician to join our team. We offer a comprehensive benefits package and 401 K plan. If you are interested in applying, please reply to [...]


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Chemistry Intern Position: A part-time (15-25 hour) chemistry intern position is available to undergraduate students at Focus Synthesis LLC, a biotech company in Sorrento Valley (92121 zip code). Requirements: 1. Successful completion of an organic c [...]

Production Chemist (San Diego)

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Looking for an opportunity to work as a Production Chemist for a great Medical Device company in San Diego?
Job Description
Production Chemist:
Strong GMP skills — To efficiently and compliantly f [...]

Production Chemist (San Diego)

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Looking for an opportunity to work as a Production Chemist for a great Medical Device company in San Diego?
Job Description
Production Chemist:
Strong GMP skills — To efficiently and compliantly f [...]

UCSF Medical Center Adopts Hi-Tech “Smart” Dressing for Chronic Wounds

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – OSNovative Systems, Inc., the maker of self-adaptive wound care dressings, announced today that its award-winning ENLUXTRATM “Any Wound” dressing has been adopted at the UCSF Medical Center for treating chronic wounds.

In the United States, the burden of managing chronic wounds is growing rapidly due to an aging population and the increased incidence of diabetes, obesity and associated co-morbidities:

About seven million patients suffer from chronic wounds
$25 billion is spent annually on chronic wound management
Over half of all foot ulcers become infected, requiring hospitalization; one in five require an amputation
Diabetic foot ulcers double the mortality risk
Infected wounds are dangerous and may result in sepsis and death in chronic wound patients Clinical effectiveness and affordability of the first “smart” wound care product featuring feedback-driven, polymeric dressing material take wound management to a radically new level.

Enluxtra represents a fundamentally new category of dynamic, multifunctional, self-adaptive wound care products. While in direct contact with the wound, the dressing material analyzes the wound condition; it then automatically and reversibly adjusts its function to accommodate the wound’s needs, which may frequently and unpredictably change.

Absorbed exudate and pathogens are locked inside the dressing, controlling infection and maceration; the dressing material releases moisture to dry areas of the wound, preventing desiccation. In effect, Enluxtra is suitable for any wound type at any healing stage.

“What’s impressive about this dressing is that you can use it from beginning to end on any wound,” said Dr. Alex Reyzelman, the Co-Director of UCSF Center for Limb Preservation. “Now we can carry one product and use it on almost everything.”

The super-absorptive dressing can be worn for up to 10 days, which results in both economic and clinical benefits. Reduced dressing change frequency brings significant cost savings to patients and healthcare providers, while fewer disruptions of wound homeostasis (a known critical condition for fast wound healing) aid uninterrupted healing process.

“One of the big challenges in wound care is keeping the wound at that “just right” level of moisture — not too wet and not too dry,” said Dr. Caroline Fife, the Medical Director of the Wound Clinic at St. Luke’s Hospital, The Woodlands, TX, and a prominent figure in the national wound care industry. “Enluxtra adapts to the changes in the amount of wound fluid, and patients love the way it feels. Enluxtra doesn’t stick to the wound, it is easy to apply and it is comfortable.”

The impact Enluxtra can make on the economics of wound management stems from three major factors: inventory reduction, simplified training (even patients themselves can use the product), and reduced treatment duration.

Economic factors aside, Enluxtra does more: it brings long-awaited relief to chronic wound sufferers, changing and saving people’s lives.­­­

“So far, out of all the things I’ve tried in all my years – and I’ve been treating wounds for 15 years – this is as close as it comes to a perfect dressing right now,” Dr. Reyzelman said. “I’m very excited about it because it’s actually doing what it’s designed to do.”

In almost two years on the market, Enluxtra has been used by more than 40,000 patients both at home and in leading healthcare organizations and hundreds of facilities nationwide, including major hospitals, long-term care and skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, home health agencies, wound care and podiatry clinics.

About OSNovative SystemsOSNovative Systems, Inc. is a rapidly growing Silicon Valley start-up. The company develops, manufactures and sells proprietary devices for advanced wound management, combat/emergency medicine and cosmetic skin care. OSNovative Systems is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. For more information, visit www.AnyWound.com.

UC DisclaimerThe information stated above was prepared by OSNovative Systems and reflects solely the opinion of the corporation. Nothing in this statement shall be construed to imply any support or endorsement of OSNovative Systems, or any of its products, by The Regents of the University of California, its officers, agents and employees.

Photo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20141021/153390  
To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ucsf-medical-center-adopts-hi-tech-smart-dressing-for-chronic-wounds-564657844.html
SOURCE OSNovative Systems, Inc.

Senior Accountant – San Diego County Credit Union – San Diego, CA

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The presence of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with the affiliated UCSD Medical Center promotes research in biotechnology….
From New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants – 21 Oct 2014 13:47:24 GMT
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Aurora Spine Announces Global Distribution Agreement for Sentio MMG(R) Nerve Mapping System

October 21, 2014 – 6:01 am | Edit Post

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA–(Marketwired – Oct. 21, 2014) – Aurora Spine Corporation (TSX VENTURE:ASG) announced today that it has entered into a worldwide distribution and co-marketing agreement with Sentio, LLC to distribute the Sentio MMG® nerve mapping system.