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ScienceOnline San Diego November 12th 2013 Event Downtown: You’ve Published Your Results, Now Build Your Community

Posted by Mary Canady October 30th, 2013 .
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The San Diego Biotechnology Network is involved with the local ScienceOnline San Diego chapter and we are thrilled to help promote an event downtown coinciding with the Society for Neuroscience 2013 (#SfN13) meeting November 12th. We believe that when scientists collaborate online, everyone benefits.
When success in science today depends not only on getting published, but on finding users for a resource or collaborating beyond institutional walls, communication is a key component to successful science. We’ll be featuring neuroscience projects and resources that are using online resources like Twitter, Google+, and …


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Virtual Biotech Part 1: What We Learned About Effectively Outsourcing a Drug Discovery Program

Posted by Lara July 28th, 2011 .
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The first in our Virtual Biotech series, our July 19th event was a success.  Thanks to our participants – some of San Diego’s leading virtual drug discovery scientists and CROs – for sharing their valuable insights and advice for scientists managing or considering how to manage an outsourced drug discovery project.
We’ve compiled some of the key tips and highlights of the night including:

What activities should you outsource?
Finding the right CRO for your objectives
Managing your CRO relationship successfully every time
Virtual tools to help manage and build your CRO network
Finding the funding …


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SDBN July 19th Event: Virtual Biotech Part 1: How to Effectively Outsource a Drug Discovery Program

Posted by Mary Canady July 1st, 2011 .
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Changes in the drug discovery landscape have presented many tough challenges for our region, including downsizing for larger companies and a dearth of VC funding for startups. With these challenges come opportunities, however, because drug companies are hungry for drug candidates to fill their pipelines. Additionally, the abundance of drug discovery contract research organizations (CROs), the ability to manage them remotely, and the ability to find partners and tools more easily on the internet presents an interesting opportunity.
Our July 19th event is our first in a series of Virtual Biotech …


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SDBN March 15th, 2011 Event Featuring Senomyx

Posted by Mary Canady February 23rd, 2011 .
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Senomyx is a very interesting local biotech focusing on developing flavor enhancers using processes that have parallels to those used in drug discovery such as high throughput screening and GPCR modulation, see their recent publications. They have collaborations with several of the leading food, beverage, and ingredient companies, and one of the aims is to help companies improve an item’s taste while improving its nutritional profile. Guy Servant, Senior Director of Assay Development & HTS at Senomyx (Bio), will give a presentation titled “A Biotech Approach to Flavor Discovery.”
As always, …


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SDBN January 18th Speed Networking Event: Reach Your Destination In 2011

Posted by Mary Canady December 23rd, 2010 .
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Where do you want to be in 2011? Participating in our speed networking event January 18th will help you to meet biotech professionals who may be able to help you reach your destination. We hold this event twice a year and always get a big crowd. You’ll not only get lots of great contacts from the meeting, but you’ll also fine tune your elevator speech and learn about what opportunities exist.
**Update: We’ll have Kristie Grover from Biocom speaking about the BRIDGE program, an excellent opportunity for biotech training. Also, Mary …


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Happy 2nd Birthday SDBN! How Should We Celebrate?

Posted by Mary Canady October 13th, 2010 .

It’s hard to believe it, but two years ago in November of 2008, we had our first SDBN event featuring Sapphire Energy at Rock Bottom in La Jolla. We soon outgrew that venue and have found a nice home at Tango del Rey, a one-of-a-kind location in PB which we feel is amenable to networking. To facilitate interaction, we’ve also tried to keep the cost of the events as low as possible, and to have interesting events which draw a nice crowd.
We started the SDBN to foster communication between biotech …


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SDBN October 26th Event Featuring Trius Therapeutics

Posted by Mary Canady October 5th, 2010 .
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Trius Therapeutics is a great local company which recently had an initial public offering (IPO), quite a feat in this economy. What is the secret to their success? They focus on antibacterials for life threatening applications, and have used a creative combination of licensing and funding to build a strong portfolio in that area. Working with bacterial proteins helps Trius to leverage structure-based drug design (SBDD) technologies to efficiently optimize lead compounds. Dr. John Finn, Trius’ Chief Scientific Officer (bio), will present a talk titled “Innovative Antibacterial Drugs by Design; …


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Bio: Michael Cooke

Posted by Mary Canady August 18th, 2010 .
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Michael P. Cooke received his Ph.D in Biochemistry from the University of Washington, Seattle in 1991 working with Dr. Roger Perlmutter where he studied the role of the src-family kinase, fyn in T cell development and activation. He did postdoctoral work with Dr. Chris Goodnow at Stanford University where he studied molecular mechanism of immune tolerance. From Stanford he went to the hematopoietic stem cell company SyStemix Inc. in Palo Alto, Ca where he was Director of Functional Genomics. He joined the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation …


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SDBN August 18th Event: The Human Genome 10 Years Later: What Does it Mean for San Diego Biotech?

Posted by Mary Canady July 23rd, 2010 .
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June 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of the sequencing of the human genome. As Francis Collins has pointed out, “we invariably overestimate the short-term impacts of new technologies and underestimate their longer-term effects.” As a member of the community for 14 years, I can tell you that this is true for San Diego, as the expectations in 2000 were likely too high, but the last ten years have brought unexpected progress in many areas.
San Diego has a great ecosystem to take advantage of these exciting longer-term benefits, ranging from our …