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Instant Social Media for Life Scientists

Posted by Mary Canady October 4th, 2009 .
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**Updated April 14, 2011**

A few times over the last week or so, I’ve been asked how many life science companies are utilizing social media. I decided to make a list, and I also have some hints and shortcuts for you so that you can get a head start. In this post, I am focusing on companies that have physical or software products for life scientists and biotech companies not classified as healthcare (e.g., Monsanto). Note that I also have some personal genomics companies listed–they’re a bit of a grey area, but personally I’m very interested in them, so I’m including them. I’ll also show you how to find scientists in social media and blogs, as the list would be too lengthy here. There is a very nice, complementary list of pharma and healthcare social media that can be found on Dose of Digital kept up expertly by Jonathan Richman. Both lists are dynamic, feel free to leave a comment below to add your company, and I know Jonathan is open to updates to his list.

Life Science Companies Using Social Media

You’ll notice that many of the companies listed below are small, as social media is a great way for them to get exposure inexpensively. The larger companies are starting to be more active, and I have talked with a few who are working out policies and procedures to implement. There are some great examples of companies providing interesting information and helping customers. Also, there are some companies who simply post special offers and don’t seem to ‘get it,’ but I’m sure in time, they will. If you want to get updates from all of the companies easily, check out the Shortcut section for the RSS feeds and email updates.

Life Science Companies in Social Media

Company Blog Twitter Other
23andMe http://spittoon.23andme.com/ 23andme Facebook
89 North http://89north.wordpress.com/ 89_North Facebook, LinkedIn
Accelrys http://blog.accelrys.com/ Accelrys Forum
Access Pharmaceuticals Accesspharma
Agilent Agilent
Alphalyse http://proteinanalysis.wordpress.com/ Alphalyse
Biocius http://blog.biocius.com/ RapidFireHTS
Anal Tech http://www.blog.analtech.com/ iChromatography
Assay Depot http://blog.assaydepot.com assaydepot LinkedIn, FriendFeed
BioData http://blog.biodata.com/ BioData Facebook
BioRad http://www.cbt20.ca/, http://www.americanbiotechnologist.com/blog/ BioRadGenomics Facebook
Bio-Synthesis http://bio-synthesis.blogspot.com/
Conversant http://www.conversanthcs.com/blog/ conversanthcs Facebook
CoreRx http://www.corerxpharma.com/corerx_blog/ CoreRx Facebook
CYTOO http://blog.cytoo.com/ cytoo Facebook
deCODE http://decodeyou.com/ decodegenetics
EMD Chemicals EMD_Chemicals Facebook
Endogenics http://spittoon.23andme.com/ endogenics Facebook
Emerald BioSystems http://web.emeraldbiosystems.com/ reducentropy
Eton Biosciences http://etonbioscience.com/blog/ etonbio Facebook (Eton Bio)Facebook (My Gene Image)
Helixis helixisinc Forum, Facebook
Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) idtdna
Lab Armor labarmor Facebook
Li-COR Biosciences IRDye
Life Technologies everydaycloning, everydayprotein, lifecorporation molprobes, LIFEjobs, IvgnSelect Facebook (Everyday Cloning, Life Technologies), Life Technologies Student Hotspot
Magellan BioScience magellanbio
Mendeley http://www.mendeley.com/blog/ mendeley_com Facebook
Metamolecular http://products.metamolecular.com/
MicroConstants MicroConstants
MO BIO Laboratories http://www.mobio.com/blog/ mobio YouTube, Facebook
Monsanto http://blog.monsantoblog.com/ monsantoco
Navigenics http://blog.navigenics.com/ navigenics Facebook
NextBio http://blog.nextbio.com/ NextBio
Neuromics http://neuromics.blogspot.com/ Neuromics
New England Biolabs http://epiexperts.com/ NEBiolabs, EpiExperts
novoseek http://blog.novoseek.com/ novoseek Facebook
OpenHelix http://www.openhelix.com/blog/ OpenHelix
Pathway Genomics http://blog.pathway.com/ pathwaygenomics
Plectix BioSystems http://blog.plectix.com/plectix_blog/ plectix
Promega http://promega.wordpress.com/ promega
R&DSystems http://rndsystems.blogspot.com RnDOffers, RnDSystemsStem Facebook
Ribomed http://ribomed.wordpress.com ribomed
Rosetta Design Group http://rosettadesigngroup.com/blog/
Sigma Aldrich http://chemblogs.com/sial_blog/, http://www.sigmabioblogs.com/ sigmaaldrich, YourFaveGene, HPLCSessions, wherebiobegins Facebook, YouTube
SciMercor scimercor
Stemgent Stemgent Facebook, YouTube
Waters WatersUPLC
Xcelience Xcelience


When we had our ‘Social Media for Scientists‘ event in May, we discovered that many of you feel as though you don’t have the time for social media. How can we help? Well, nothing really substitutes for diving in and experiencing it yourself, but there are some shortcuts we can help you with. If you need help with RSS, check out this post/video.

Shortcuts for Scientists in Social Media

Area Details Required Accounts Links
Scientist Blogs There are many scientist blogs to choose from, too numerous to mention here. I suggest that you start with Science Blogs and Research Blogging. RSS reader or email Science Blogs RSS, Research Blogging RSS, Combined Email
Life Science Company Blogs We’ve set up an RSS feed and daily email for you. RSS reader or email RSS, Email
Life Science Company Tweets Ditto on row directly above. Note that there will be a lot of info in these emails. It really is best viewed by getting a Twitter account and following, but if this gets you started, go for it! You can also follow the Twitter list we’ve created. RSS reader, email, or Twitter account RSS, Email, Twitter List
Scientists on Twitter The easiest way to follow scientists on Twitter is to visit the ‘Twibe,’ log in, add yourself, and mouse over each name list and click on ‘follow.’ Warning: do not follow more than 100 people per day or you may be banished as a spammer. Twitter account Scientists ‘Twibe’ (thanks to David Bradley of ScienceBase and his original list)
Biotech on Twitter Ditto on row above, check out the Biotech ‘Twibe.’ Twitter account Biotech ‘Twibe’
Biotech on LinkedIn Tips and list of good LinkedIn groups to join for Biotech. LinkedIn Account Biotech on LinkedIn
Scientists on FriendFeed FriendFeed is a great tool for scientists to get together and discuss topics as a group. FriendFeed account Scientists on FriendFeed
Videos for Scientists A list of video resources for scientists. YouTube account (optional) Videos for Scientists
Social Media for Scientists Presentation to the SDBN May 2009 covering LinkedIn, Twitter, science blogs, and social bookmarking. Social Media for Scientists

NOTE: Spammers are everywhere, so use caution. If you begin to get ‘direct messages’ from the people we are suggesting to follow on twitter, simply unfollow and block them.

We hope that you find these resources useful, and feel free to comment or give suggestions below. There are other resources for scientists on social media, and we will try to cover them here–this is just a start. If you work for a life science company, now is a great time to get started, contact Comprendia for a free consultation to learn more.

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2009 BIOCOM Investor Conference

Posted by Mary Canady September 27th, 2009 .
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2009 BIOCOM Investor Conference

The 4th Annual BIOCOM Investor Conference is a unique opportunity to gain access to leading technology from Southern California, one of the industry’s largest life science communities, and new this year the conference will be expanded to include presentations from top companies throughout the Southwest.*
Oct. 26-27
Hyatt Regency La Jolla
3777 La Jolla Village Drive
San Diego, California 92122

[[Click here for more information.]]


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How Connected Are You?

Posted by Mary Canady September 8th, 2009 .
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Many of you know I’m a big fan of Seth Godin, a real thought leader in social media. I’m reading a book of his called ‘Tribes,’ which talks about the need for people to come together with a common interest and towards a common goal (and I highly suggest the book). I realized that’s what we’re doing with the SDBN–utilizing the new tools available to create more communication among biotechnology professionals in the region. Seth suggests that one of the things that helps a Tribe to grow is to facilitate connections between members. We’re trying to create a feeling of community using the different venues, but we need your help! Please join, subscribe, and participate using the links below!


linkedinlogoLinkedIn is a great site for connecting professionally, if you want to know more in general check this video out, and if you want to see how to use it in science/biotech see our earlier SDBN Social Media presentation. The SDBN LinkedIn group is currently the best way to connect. To date we have nearly 1900 members, and it is growing fast! My ‘dream’ is that you’ll use the advanced search (choose SDBN members) feature to find and meet with colleagues who may have interests that match your needs, and that new endeavors will result. We also hope it will be a place where you can post news, discuss, and interact. Please join today and send the link http://tinyurl.com/sdbiotech to your friends! The more it grows, the more we all benefit.
Our Facebook page will give you updates and also some ‘just for fun’ news, contests and posts. Join and send the link http://facebook.com/sdbiotech to your friends, too!


To be connected, I think it’s important to know what’s going on with San Diego Biotech. For this, we have created ‘San Diego Biotech’ specific feeds for you, including news, jobs, and blog posts (which include events as well). Here are examples of the news, jobs, and blog feeds you’ll receive. We’ve set up email updates, RSS feeds (more info on RSS) and twitter accounts in many flavors, take your pick!

Subscription Options

SDBN Blog, News, Jobs RSS Email  
SDBN Blog, News RSS Email Twitter
SDBN Jobs RSS Email Twitter
SDBN News RSS Email  
SDBN Blog RSS Email  


Nothing connects people more than meeting face to face. Please attend our monthly events, they are very interactive and we always feature the hottest companies and topics. The next meeting is September 22nd, featuring Intellikine. Also, we encourage you to attend the other networking events in San Diego, check them out on our calendar or visit their websites which are listed on the right column. We also want to hear from you! Comment below, write a blog post, tell us who you are on twitter, etc. This is your group, tell us how it can connect you better and help you to meet your goals. We’ve toyed with the idea of putting forums or other ways for you to interact here on the site, suggestions welcome!


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SDBN Sept. 22nd Event Featuring Intellikine

Posted by Mary Canady September 1st, 2009 .
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The September San Diego Biotechnology Network (SDBN) event will feature Intellikine, a leader in the development of innovative, small molecule drugs for the treatment of cancer, inflammation and autoimmune diseases, and recently in the news for raising $51M in VC funding. Troy Wilson, Ph.D., CEO, will give a short presentation, and as always there will be plenty of time to ask questions and interact with representatives from Intellikine.

Troy Wilson is the President, CEO and a founder of Intellikine, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of small molecule drugs that target the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway for the treatment of cancer, inflammation and other diseases. Dr. Wilson is a serial entrepreneur who previously has co-founded several San Diego based companies, including Ambrx and Phenomix. In his presentation, Dr. Wilson will describe Intellikine’s formation, the scientific and clinical rationale behind its drug discovery programs, its business development and corporate strategy, and how the company was able recently to raise $51 million in venture capital in a very challenging market. The presentation should be of interest to scientists, entrepreneurs, clinicians and anyone interested in how to translate world-class academic science into a leading biotech company.

Event Details

Who: Biotechnology professionals in the greater San Diego area
What: San Diego Biotechnology Network’s September Networking Event featuring Intellikine
When: Tuesday, September 22nd, 5:30-9:00 p.m.
Where: Tango Del Rey, 3567 Del Rey Street, San Diego 92109 (Directions below)
Cost: $20, including appetizers ($15 for Academics) +$5 at door (cash or check only)
Contact: http://sdbn.org/contact
For more information about the event: http://sdbn.org/september

Directions: From the North: South on Interstate 5, Exit Balboa Ave, Straight to 4th Traffic Light then left on Bunker Hill St. Building directly ahead 3 blks. From the South: North on Interstate 5, Exit Grand/ Garnet Ave, Straight to 3rd Traffic Light then right on Bunker Hill St. Building directly ahead 3 blks. Park on the street or in the structure just past Tango del Rey.


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2009 SoCalBio Investor Conference

Posted by Mary Canady September 1st, 2009 .
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I’ve been attending a lot of events in San Diego and reading reports that opportunities for funding are increasing. I’ve been invited to attend the 2009 SoCalBio Investor and Partnership Conference September 17th in Santa Monica, and I wanted to pass on the information to the group, as I know many of you are interested in getting funding, networking, or learning about what’s new.

The morning will consist of 3 parallel tracks of company presentations in Biotech/Biopharma, Devices, and Diagnostics and Instrumentation. After a networking lunch, Dr. Francois Nader, CEO of NPS Pharmaceuticals and a veteran in the industry, will present a keynote presentation. In the afternoon, three parallel investor/partnership tracks will take place for VC/angels, corporate partnerships, and innovative financing. As if this weren’t enough, the networking cocktail reception will showcase technologies from local institutions such as UCLA, UCI or USC.

This is a great opportunity to meet investors and learn about new technologies in the Southern California area. The SDBN is dedicated to improving communication among biotechnology professionals in the region, and I highly suggest that you attend. The event will likely have a different ‘flavor’ than the San Diego events, and you might learn about larger trends and opportnities. Click here to register. There are also sponsorship opportunities still available, click here for more information.