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Seven Ways To Use The SDBN More Effectively

Posted by Mary Canady April 17th, 2009 .
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The San Diego Biotechnology Network is a next generation organization dedicated to helping people connect better than ever before. What makes it different? Well, for starters, members can interact easily both online and face to face, making your connections more powerful and easy to maintain than ever before. You can leverage this group in many ways, and the fact that it has 1000+ members (and growing fast) means that you have a lot of power! Here are 7 ways you can get the most out of the SDBN:

  1. You can contact anyone else in the LinkedIn group directly through LinkedIn. We’ve been careful to allow only Biotech professionals in the greater San Diego area. Let’s say you want to contact someone at a particular company. To find someone who works there within the group, use the LinkedIn advanced search, fill in the company, and select the SDBN from the ‘Groups’ selection on the right. You can even offer to meet someone you’d like to connect with (either in the group or out) at the next event, or list a specific request to the discussion board (e.g. ‘looking to meet others with Stem Cell startup ideas’).
  2. Attend the events. There is no substitute for meeting people face to face. Benefits? Grow your network literally overnight. Collect business cards and ask people to connect. There is no better way to find out what is going on in San Diego Biotech. Our April event is a great place to start, Regulus Therapeutics will be our featured company, and will talk about microRNA therapeutics.
  3. Consider contributing more to group discussions on LinkedIn. See an interesting news item? Post it! Have a question about San Diego Biotech, or Biotech in general? Post it! Just be careful to not be too self-serving, people can be put off.
  4. Volunteer. Want to meet nearly everyone at an event? Volunteer to work the registration table. There’s no better way to connect and become recognizable to those at the event. We’ll even give you free admission and you’ll be free to mingle after the ‘rush.’
  5. Tell us how to make it better. We have many ideas to make the SDBN the most engaging and empowering group possible, and input from you helps a lot! Some of the ideas we’ve thought of are charity events, focus groups, more workshops, and entrepreneur/VC challenges. We’re going to send out a poll soon, but why wait? Tell us on our contact form or leave a comment below.
  6. Visit the SDBN site often to catch up on news, jobs, and events. We’ve created feeds and resources specific to San Diego Biotech:
    1. News:
    2. Jobs:
    3. Company Directory:
    4. Calendar:

    You can also follow us on twitter at @sdbn & @sdbnjobs to get updates as they happen, and communicate with other SDBN members.

  7. Invite others to join the group! The bigger the SDBN gets, the more we all benefit. Just send them to or to the LinkedIn Group at

In summary, we hope that you continue to explore and find ways to help us make this group as useful as possible. One thing to keep in mind for social media in general, is to behave online as you would in person. Nobody likes a person that spends the whole time talking about themselves in person, and the same goes online. You’ll get a lot more out of the SDBN if you contribute to it–this could be ‘paying it forward’ with introductions for people, leaving helpful posts and comments, or volunteering. In May, we’ll be presenting a workshop on Social Media for Scientists, including tips and pointers for using it for your career, your science, and your company. Also, check out Comprendia’s Biotechnology Marketing 101 Blog and Presentation Series for tips on using the principles of marketing to get an advantage in several different areas. Stay tuned and let us know how we can help!


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Pictures From Our March 18th Event Now Available

Posted by Mary Canady April 9th, 2009 .
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Pictures from our March 18th SDBN event featuring Milo Shapiro from IMPROVentures are now posted on Flickr. Special thanks to Richard Ludwig of California BioSolutions for being our photographer! The photos showcase our new venue, Tango Del Rey, which was a big hit! We had around 100 in attendance, and Milo went through a series of fun games aimed at helping us break the ice and take more chances in talking to people we don’t know. There was a clear change in the atmosphere after his session, people were interacting much more, and I hope we can keep this momentum going at our future events. We’re going to bring Milo back in a few months for another session, so he can pick up where he left off–feel free to leave any comments on what you’d like to see. We plan to poll you about your ideas soon. Also, be sure to sign up for the April 30th event which will feature Regulus Therapeutics, a very exciting local company developing microRNA therapeutics. It will be at Tango Del Rey, and we can hold 200 people there, so get the word out! The more people who attend, the more you’ll be able to network with.


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Regulus Therapeutics to be Featured at April 30th Event

Posted by Mary Canady March 29th, 2009 .
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SDBN’s April event will feature Regulus Therapeutics, an exciting new company focused on the development and commercialization of microRNA therapeutics. SDBN events are the only place you can learn about the hottest scientific research in San Diego, and also have plenty of time to network with 100+ biotechnology professionals.

For more information about Regulus Therapeutics, see their fact sheet (PDF). Bal Bhat, Ph.D., Senior Director, Medicinal Chemistry, will give a 15 minute presentation on Therapeutic Targeting of microRNAs, and you’ll get a chance to talk with him along with others from the company who will be attending.

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Event Details
Who: Biotechnology professionals in the greater San Diego area
What: San Diego Biotechnology Network April Event Featuring Regulus Therapeutics
When: Thursday, April 30th, 5:30-9:00 p.m.
Where: Tango Del Rey, 3567 Del Rey Street, San Diego 92109 (Directions below)
Cost: $20, including appetizers ($15 for Academics) +$5 at door
For more information about the event:

Directions: From the North: South on Interstate 5, Exit Balboa Ave, Straight to 4th Traffic Light then left on Bunker Hill St. Building directly ahead 3 blks. From the South: North on Interstate 5, Exit Grand/ Garnet Ave, Straight to 3rd Traffic Light then right on Bunker Hill St. Building directly ahead 3 blks.


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Register Soon to Connect with 50+ San Diego Biotechs at our Upcoming Event

Posted by Mary Canady March 15th, 2009 .
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We’ve gotten people from a lot of great companies signed up for our event this Wednesday March 18th, see below for a partial list. Sign up soon so that you will be able to make connections with them (the list below is just under 50, we’ll surely surpass that with the last minute additions):

Active Motif
Amylin Pharmaceuticals
BD Biosciences
BIA Separations
Burnham Institute for Medical Research
Cell Signaling Technology
Genalyte, Inc.
Halozyme Therapeutics
Health Decisions Inc.
Invitrogen (Life Technologies)
Kellogg School of Management
Lab Pros, Inc.
Ligand Pharmaceuticals

Metabasis Therapeutics
Metrum Research Group
NexBio, Inc
Ockham Development Group
PROVEN Scientific Staffing
Salk Institute
Sanford Rose Associates
SourceSolution, Inc.
Summit Drug Development
TargeGen, Inc.
Verenium Corporation
Vical Inc.



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Photos from our Feb. 17th Event Available

Posted by Mary Canady March 5th, 2009 .
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Pictures from our February 17th Event are now posted on Flickr. We had 100+ Biotechnology professionals, representing more than 50 companies, and it seemed that everyone had a great time. Nanosyn presented a short presentation on their capabilities, and it was well received. Here are some of the comments we heard:

“It’s a whole roomful of scientists…and they’re all talking to each other!”
“It was refreshing to talk science at a networking event!”
“I want to thank you–I got a job offer that resulted from one of your events.”
“Can you post a list of the companies attending at the reception desk?” (will do!)

The only criticism may be that the Rock Bottom venue may be too small for us. You may know that we’re hosting our March event in a new location that we’re very excited about, Tango Del Rey, a Spanish-themed venue off of the 5 at Balboa. Here, we can accommodate more of you, and the result will be that you’ll connect with more people at our events, which is what we’re all about! Our March event will also feature a special session that will help you to improve your face-to-face networking skills, led by Milo Shapiro of IMPROVentures. Sign up today!