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September 2, 2014 – 12:54 pm | Edit Post

The SDBN is very pleased to host a Town Hall event with 52nd District Congressman Scott Peters September 22nd where we’ll discuss issues important to local life scientists and professionals such as research funding and …

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New insights into how the heart forms may help identify heart defects

September 29, 2014 – 11:22 am | Edit Post

Cdc42 controls embryonic heart formation.

Daiichi Sankyo Offers $315M Up Front to Get Ambit and Leukemia Drug

September 29, 2014 – 10:09 am | Edit Post
Daiichi Sankyo Offers $315M Up Front to Get Ambit and Leukemia Drug

Japan’s Daiichi Sankyo has agreed to acquire San Diego cancer drug developer Ambit Biosciences (NASDAQ: AMBI) for $315 million in cash, with additional milestone payments that could bring the total…

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Algae as biofuel focus of summit

September 29, 2014 – 6:50 am | Edit Post

Algae research summit conference returns to the epicenter of algae biotechnology.

Helping Teens Find a Path to STEM Careers

September 29, 2014 – 12:00 am | Edit Post

The new Science Saturday program introduces high school students to biomedical research at TSRI.

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Newest San Diego Biotech Jobs

Research Scientist (Target Discovery Infectious Diseases) (mira mesa)

September 29, 2014 – 7:12 pm | Edit Post

CTK Biotech, Inc. is a San Diego based company that develops and manufactures diagnostic tests for infectious diseases and cancer. Our product range covers diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoan parasites and nematodes. T […

Senior Environmental Planner, Insignia Environmental (Encinitas )

September 29, 2014 – 5:01 pm | Edit Post

Insignia Environmental was founded in 2004 to provide premier customer service to clients facing environmental challenges. Insignia Environmental employees have a foundation in engineering and science and real-world cons […

Staff Accountant (Pacific Beach)

September 29, 2014 – 3:15 pm | Edit Post

The Staff Accountant is responsible for collecting, processing and maintaining all records related to the accounts payable function; preparing and processing certain journal entries; reconciling certain financial data and reports; an […

QC Chemist (San Diego)

September 29, 2014 – 2:54 pm | Edit Post

Chemist :   Seeking an Analytical Research/Quality Control Chemist to work in our pharmaceutical Quality Control (QC) Laboratory.  The major duty would be to perform routine chemical QC tests on raw materials and drug products in a timely manner a […

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Aged brains rejuvenated by young blood

September 29, 2014 – 12:06 am | Edit Post

A couple of posts ago I talked about a freaky experiment where a young mouse is surgically attached to an old mouse to create Franken-mice. The two Franken-mice share blood and the young blood reverses heart disease in the old mouse. So scientists looked to see what it is in the young blood that can treat […]Aged brains rejuvenated by young blood

Impressions: 2nd annual Pedal the Cause

September 28, 2014 – 8:53 pm | Edit Post

29 September 2014 One week ago concluded the second annual Pedal the Cause. In lieu of a lengthy piece, I would like to present ideas / impressions that constitute small pictures of a larger portrait. And photos. Temporary Pain Let’s face it, riding 170 miles through mountainous territory is pretty hard regardless of the pace. […]

Too much information part 2

September 26, 2014 – 2:00 pm | Edit Post

Yesterday’s Neat Science Thursday post was about the growing amount complex biomedical research and omics data that needs to be organized, integrated, and analyzed in order to be effectively applied. Similar issues apply to the growing volume of growing volume … Continue reading Too much information part 2

Why we LOL

September 25, 2014 – 11:29 am | Edit Post

Humor is a difficult concept to articulate. We might not always know why things are funny, but we do tend to know what kinds of things are funny. It comes in many forms, and general consensus is that things like videos of treadmill mishaps, cynical comics and corny puns are funny. Luckily, there’s a pretty large […]Why we LOL