Alicia Amerson?is a marine biologist, science communicator, adjunct professor, and entrepreneur. She works to?protect global biodiversity and empower communities through technology, science, and art. As one of the?500 Women Scientists?San Diego pod leaders she is active in exploring ways to engage the local women in science community to particiapte in policy issues and STEAM education. She is?the founder of?Alimosphere,?a small woman-owned business focused on reducing disturbance to wildlife caused by drones while promoting the use of drones for conservation research. Growing up in New Mexico, Amerson was fascinated with the ocean and through her current efforts she is establishing?a culture for flying drones responsibly around wildlife. Growing up she rode horses everyday and found as many books as possible to read about marine wildlife, their habitats, migration patterns, foraging preferences, and any other scientific fact that was known at the time. She earned a BS in biology from?Eastern New Mexico University. After graduation she worked on environmental remediation projects at?Los Alamos National Laboratory?where she gained over 10,000 hours of project management experience and earned her PMP certificate. In 2015 she completed her Master?s degree in marine biodiversity and conservation from?Scripps Institution of Oceanography?(SIO). At SIO she focused on whale-watching tourism and the use of guidelines or regulations in the industry along the entire Pacific coast in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Prior to her drone startup, Alimosphere, she was the first?California Sea Grant?fellow to work for?Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. Now she works exclusively on protecting wildlife from anthropogenic impacts by using the best available science, creating educational opportunities for people, and exploring applications to use drones for social innovation to benefit the whales and humanity.