Title and Speaker Bio for Eurofins Discovery Chat: Connecting with Immuno-Oncology

Robust and Reproducible Target Biology-Based Bioassays for Therapeutics Targeting Checkpoint Modulators

Alpana Prasad, Ph.D. Senior Strategic Portfolio Manager at Eurofins DiscoverX


A quantitative and robust bioassay that is reflective of the MOA of the drug is a critical component of any development program.? PathHunter? cell-based assay platform offers ready to use bioassays for potency determination & stability testing of biological drugs. These quantitative and robust assays rely on the native biology of the relevant receptor, allowing developers to choose a readout reflective of the MOA of their drug. Importantly, since these are homogeneous assays that employ thaw-and-use cryopreserved cells, they not only provide convenience while minimizing assay variability, they are also highly scalable and suitable for automation. We will share case studies from our expanding portfolio of qualified bioassays for several immune-oncology targets.


Dr. Alpana Prasad is the Senior Strategic Portfolio Manager at Eurofins DiscoverX, responsible for portfolio of assays supporting biologics and small molecule therapeutics development from discovery to QC lot release, as well as custom production and analytical cell banking for bioassays.? Alpana has extensive experience in marketing and portfolio strategy of biosimilars drugs & life sciences research products. She has a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford.