Happy New Year!


We hope you had an enjoyable holiday. We’ve been working on lining up events for ’09 and we think we’re close to announcing our next one…stay tuned!

’08 brought many challenges to the San Diego Biotechnology industry–some good and bad. We know that we had several layoffs at major companies, that is of course bad. But we also have a great opportunity in many emerging areas: green technology, nanotechnology, and several new areas of drug discovery such as stem cells and RNAi. San Diego is poised for much growth in these areas, and the SDBN was formed to help foster communication and growth in local biotech, so in many ways our timing is great! We look forward to meeting more of you this year.

This year we’d like to host the same type of networking event we did in 2008, and we’d also like to host events that are a bit more like workshops that will help you to network and advance your career. If you have suggestions for either type of event, post them below or use the contact form.

Thanks and we’ll see you soon!