The San Diego Science Festival is Here!

SDSFHave you ever wanted to sit down and chat with a Nobel Laureate? Did you know that red wine not only goes well with steak, but also has anti-aging properties? Have you ever wanted to uncover the mysteries of baseball?s knuckleball? These and other intriguing questions will be answered at the Inaugural San Diego Science Festival (SDSF), the biggest celebration of science the West Coast has ever seen!

The Festival will descend on San Diego with events throughout the county in March and April 2009 with something for everyone, from the smallest child to even the most established scientist. The first of its kind on the West Coast, the San Diego Science Festival promises to be the ultimate multi-cultural, multi-generational, multi-disciplinary celebration of science.

Inspired by international science festivals that draw crowds in the hundreds of thousands, the goal of the San Diego Science Festival is to increase community awareness of science and inspire our nation?s youth to consider science-related careers. At the same time, the science festival will unite our community and showcase the amazing science and innovation taking place throughout San Diego.

Still curious?? Want to participate, host an event, compete in a contest, volunteer, earn community service hours or help sponsor the event?

Learn more at –we have some of the events listed here as well.

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