What is “healthcare innovation?” You tell us!

The BIL:PIL 2009 Healthcare Innovation Conference will bring together over 200 entrepreneurs, health professionals, technologists, and laypeople to describe the future of healthcare.

BIL:PIL will be held in the unconference format. For those unfamiliar, unconferences are free of charge, with no sponsored presentations, and the proceedings are open to all who wish to present. To ensure that the agenda is not dominated by any one interest, and to help with scheduling and room placement, registered attendees will vote online for the talks that they most wish to hear. Our goal is to make sure that every speaker is heard.

A few examples of topics to be addressed by those already scheduled to speak:

  • What are the consequences of the personal genomics revolution?
  • How can patients relate to each other as never before using Web 2.0 technologies?
  • How can science address life extension and aging?
  • How can diagnostics more accurately match a patient to the right therapy?
  • What does new legislation imply for the future of the biotechnology industry?
  • How can we revolutionize the way we think about paying for healthcare?
  • What if your iPhone could “look” at your pills and spot a possible drug interaction?

Expect to see many short yet polished talks presenting compelling new ideas in healthcare. All talks will be recorded and published online for those watching from home. We will also have lab space available for you to show off your own novel research, as well as open breakout rooms for impromptu brainstorming and collaboration sessions.

To sign up to speak at BIL:PIL, send an email to speak@bilpil.com with your name, title & company, twitter handle, a short bio (or link to your bio), and 1-2 paragraphs summarizing what you’ll talk about or demonstrate. You may submit more than one talk, and each one will be voted on independently.

BIL:PIL will be held October 30th and 31st at the San Diego State University BioScience Center in San Diego, California. A registration and voting website for those wishing to attend BIL:PIL will be available in the coming months.

BIL:PIL is a natural offshoot of the highly successful BIL Conference. Expect a lot of creative individuals, a high ratio of speakers to attendees, and hundreds of engaging side conversations — the best part of any gathering of passionate people.

Posted by Jonathan Sheffi, who is currently interning in the Office of Biotechnology Products at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Drug Evaluation and Research in Silver Spring, Maryland. Jonathan is also an Organizer for the 2009 BIL:PIL Healthcare Innovation Conference in San Diego, California, and a member of the Harvard Business School MBA Class of 2011.