LaunchBio Event : Jun 16, 2020

San Diego Biotechnology Network
San Diego Biotechnology Network
LaunchBio Event : Jun 16, 2020

Your Body Language Advantage: A Commando’s Guide to Killin’ it on Camera

As most people have now discovered, speaking to a camera is hard. Whether it’s for a virtual meeting or creating social media content, speaking well to a camera is an even greater challenge. During the June 16th webinar Terry Vaughan will share:

• How to overcome feeling self-conscious
• Why camera angles are so important
• The power of authenticity & how to achieve it
• Optimal camera eye contact duration
• Where to look other than the lens & why
• Powerful gestures that support your message & those that won’t
• Speaking tips to make you concise, professional, & engaging

More details and registration at

From Jun 16, 2020 10:00AM to Jun 16, 2020 11:00AM at webinar