How do you join the SDBN? We offer several ways.

  1. The largest group can be found on LinkedIn. Here, you can be sure to get updates on all the events, and you can also find other SDBN members’ contact information and interact with them as well. Join the LinkedIn group at We think LinkedIn is a great tool, and encourage you to join if you don’t have an account already. If you don’t qualify to join, you can still subscribe to our updates or follow us on other social media (below).
  2. Our Facebook page good way if you want to see updates and interesting stories when you log into Facebook, and you can also interact there. It’s growing quickly, find it at
  3. More life scientists and professionals are starting to use Twitter, follow us there to get a great San Diego Biotech news feed and to find out the latest on our events, even Tweet from them! Also follow @sdbnjobs to get the latest listings.
  4. Google Plus is a great place for life science professionals because it is a tech-minded social network, follow us there for updates.

Which is the best for you? You decide. However, we feel strongly that meeting face-to-face is the best way for you to get the most out of the SDBN, check out our Next Event to see what we mean, and subscribe to SDBN updates so you won’t miss anything.


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