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Novoron Bioscience, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is seeking a talented and highly motivated scientist to lead the development of large molecule therapeutics to address damage and disorders of the central nervous system. The successful candidate will be primarily responsible for protein engineering efforts including, but not limited to, purification protocol development, production scale-up, quality control process development, and management of pipeline products and inventory. Secondary responsibilities will be supporting R&D efforts including generating novel compounds and screening in relevant assays of interest.

An essential function within this role is routine monitoring of the latest scientific publications and trends in the respective fields of interest.

Candidates must have demonstrated experience in protein chemistry with a working understanding of therapeutics, including the construction of protein expression vectors, the production of recombinant proteins in bacteria and mammalian cells, and the purification of proteins by chromatographic and related techniques.

Novoron values diversity and strongly encourages applicants from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.

Position Requirements

  • Develop, drive, and lead protein engineering activities and strategy.
  • Design and validate scalable and transferable purification protocols for optimized yield, purity, and other metrics of desired biophysical characteristics as appropriate.
  • Design, implement, trouble-shoot, delegate, and execute scientific research and development projects to meet timelines.
  • Develop standard operating procedures, document protocols.
  • Prepare and present regular project updates.
  • Provide technical guidance and training to co-workers for the use of current and new equipment including training of junior/new team members.
  • Maintain a high standard for quality control including up-to-date data records for all protein deliveries.
  • Develop quality control procedures including protein biochemical and biophysical characterization.
  • Work collaboratively with a small team to help develop our lead molecules.
  • Maintenance and oversight of equipment within the production team.

Qualifications And Skills Required

  • Demonstrated expertise in protein engineering. Familiarity with biophysical analytics such as SPR, HDX, DLS, ITC, binding assays, enzyme kinetic assays, thermal denaturation assays, etc is desirable.
  • Strong subject matter expertise in downstream purification operations, including chromatography (affinity, ion exchange, HIC, reversed phase and multi-mode), membrane separation, protein refolding, etc, ideally using the Akta FPLC systems.
  • Experience with a variety of protein expression systems (E.coli, BV, mammalian, yeast) is a plus.
  • Ability to assist in developing functional assays.
  • Design expertise of novel protein platforms desirable.
  • Ability to independently solve challenging research problems.
  • Background knowledge of LRP-1 and or remyelination/neuroregeneration preferred.
  • Understanding of drug discovery/development preferred.

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