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About Treeline Biosciences

Treeline Biosciences is a new biotechnology company, founded by an experienced team of biopharmaceutical scientists and executives, committed to developing new medicines against difficult to drug targets in cancer and other life-threatening diseases. We are pursuing a uniquely integrated approach that applies modern and emerging tools in genomics, structural biology, medicinal chemistry, and computation to reduce the time and risks of drug discovery.


About you

You thrive in a fast-paced and matrixed discovery environment requiring scientific curiosity and rigor. With a drive to succeed, you are creative, diligent and meticulous in approaching difficult scientific challenges and collaborate across multiple disciplines to move programs forward. You have an eagerness to take on responsibilities outside of traditional medicinal chemistry roles to establish a new company.


About the role

A Scientist of Medicinal Chemistry is primarily responsible for proposing, synthesizing, and characterizing small molecules as potential oncology therapeutics. The scientist will be responsible for driving the advancement of oncology programs and platforms by optimizing the potency, pharmacokinetics, safety and in vivo efficacy of potential small molecule oncology drugs.



  • Design and improve synthetic routes to support SAR studies in a timely manner
  • Generate hypotheses, independently execute experiments, and use results to assist in the design of the next experiment
  • Recognize problems and provide input on solutions, suggest new approaches to established procedures to progress key drug discovery
  • Critically evaluate project data while rigorously driving data-driven Go/No-go decisions, including the identification of resource constraints and bottlenecks
  • Promote an overall group culture of agility, pro-action, collaboration, and innovation
  • Mentor and develop internal talent



  • PhD in organic chemistry or related field (0-2 years industry experience and/or postdoctoral training) or BS/MS with compelling medicinal chemistry experience
  • Demonstrated expertise in synthetic organic chemistry with a record of productivity in the design, synthesis, purification, and characterization of small molecules using state of the art techniques
  • Excellent literature search skills, the ability to design and improve synthetic routes to support SAR studies and deliver compounds on suitable scale required to support research programs
  • Highly motivated, creative, and able to maintain excellent documentation of their work with knowledge of cutting edge medicinal chemistry and synthetic techniques
  • Candidates must possess excellent collaboration skills, demonstrate strong analytical and organizational skills, and work effectively under aggressive timelines
  • Strong computer skills, including SciFinder, Chemdraw, and related software
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to report and present data to colleagues and senior management is required


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