SDBN May Lunch On Us Events By The Numbers (& Pictures)

We had a very successful set of 2 SDBN Lunch On Us events last week. We had set out to rethink vendor shows by leveraging the SDBN in several ways:

  • Providing more marketing to sponsors before, during, and after the event to help them get a better return on investment (ROI)
  • Using our local knowledge of biotech company locations and great local eateries to attract high quality attendees
  • Preregistering attendees and providing quick access to attendee lists so sponsors can follow up
  • Affordably pricing the events to further improve ROI

As a result of our careful planning, we attracted high quality attendees and sponsors, and made many connections between them. Many of the May Lunch On Us sponsors enthusiastically expressed their satisfaction with the event (which is hard to portray, but we’re working on that…). If you’re a potential sponsor, and are wondering whether our events are right for you, check out the attendee demographics and interests below, and please join us at our next SDBN Lunch On Us Events.

Word Cloud of the May SDBN Lunch On Us Registrant’s Companies. Due to our careful choice of locations, many leading biotech companies were represented.

Word Cloud of Job Titles of May SDBN Lunch On Us Registrants. Because registrants know what to expect, and the location is convenient, we attracted many high quality attendees, including a few CEOs.

Our June 2019 events will be strategically placed to reach the industrial and the academic markets, and they’re 2 days apart, so you can make just one trip to San Diego, if you’re not local. Join us as a sponsor for SDBN Lunch On Us.