Third Rock unveils liquid biopsy company, betting big in $110M round it will Thrive in the early detection of cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally ? the earlier it is detected, the better shot patients have of bouncing back. Researchers have long pursued a minimally-invasive, effective test to expose early markers of the often deadly disease, and weeks ago Grail blueprinted its strategy for its blood test for early cancer detection. On Thursday, Third Rock Ventures unveiled its shot at that lofty goal, with the launch of a liquid biopsy company that has raised a meaty $110 million in its first round.

The company, aptly named Thrive Earlier Detection, is betting on CancerSEEK ? its blood test-in-development designed to sniff out eight common cancer types by?interrogating genomic mutations in circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) as well as protein markers in plasma that have been implicated in cancer.

?It?s great to be part of an area, where (?) we could do for cancer what 50 years ago we did for heart disease, when we started screening for high blood pressure for examp