Top Alzheimer?s researcher Paul Aisen apologizes for ethics, integrity breach as USC pays $50M to settle poaching lawsuit

Four years ago, Paul Aisen?s abrupt departure from UC San Diego to USC triggered an ugly legal fight between the two universities that centered around tens of millions of dollars in research cash and the extensive industry contacts Aisen had built up over the years as one of the most prominent investigators in Alzheimer?s. And one of the biggest connections was with Eli Lilly, where Aisen played a prominent advisory role in the long running development of solanezumab ? which ended in a pivotal flop on 3 separate occasions.

Today, it?s coming to a close ? and Aisen is accepting some severe criticism, while the university is on the hook for a $50 million settlement.

As part of the settlement, USC and Aisen issued a formal apology to UCSD, saying the campus flip was not done in line with the university?s standards for ethics and integrity ?