‘We’re ripe’: Cygnal draws the curtain on Flagship’s latest bet on exoneural biology — and $65M in cash

No matter how many times one?s heard Flagship Pioneering?s ideation process described, there always seems to be an element of evolutionary wonder: bold, new concepts that are ?several standard deviations away from what is known,? put through a rigorous vetting process first aimed at trying to kill the idea, and only the fittest survives.

That?s perhaps why Pearl Huang found its latest creation, Cygnal Therapeutics, and its focus on the peripheral nervous system ?irresistibly attractive.? While Huang?s appointment as CEO back in January was well publicized, Cygnal is just spelling out the details on its platform today, with $65 million ? mostly from Flagship ? to boast.

Before she decided to jump from Roche to take on the role, Huang did her homework on the field that Flagship is calling exoneural biology.

?When you look back through the literature, for example, in cancer biology, the peripheral nerves were described to be a part of tumors in the late 1800s,? she