The $102B club: The top 15 R&D spenders in the global biopharma business — 2019 edition

  • Roche:?The pharma giant delivered the blockbusters it had to have, here?s the second wave
  • AbbVie: A Phase III derailment costs AbbVie, but a big buyout and recent successes at the FDA help salve the wound
  • Merck: Can a single drug be too successful? Analysts urge a broader vision as new checkpoints come along to challenge a dominant Keytruda
  • Novartis: Scooping up a slate of big wins in the R&D group, the pharma giant careens straight into another major scandal??
  • J&J Pharma: There?s always a ton of noise around J&J, but focus in on late-stage work and you get a clear picture of what?s important?
  • Pfizer: After years o