Genapsys finally unveils vaunted sequencer, but can it dent Illumina?

Hesaam Esfandyarpour holds what looks like a mini-cooler up to the computer screen in his California office.

Esfandyarpour is in his late-30s, with crows feet creeping up against a youthful face. He wears a gray polo and the device in his hand ? with its hard plastic-looking shell, blue-and-white pattern, and a white plastic paddle resembling a handle jutting out the front ? might contain diced strawberries and peanut-butter sandwiches to meet mom and the kids at a SoCal park. Instead, Esfandyarpour tells me it?s going to change medicine and biopharma research.

Hesaam Esfandyarpour

?Medicine is broken compared to other technology,? he told?Endpoints News.??It means a lot for biopharma? ?it?s going to make a big impact on what?s going on with biology, both for the patient selection and it?s very important for clinical trials.?<