Daphne Koller’s AI startup ends wide search for a data chief, tapping Stanford’s Serafim Batzoglou for the job

A few months back, Illumina VP Serafim Batzoglou got an invite from the woman who had first hired him at Stanford two decades prior: Daphne Koller.

Koller had been searching for months for a chief data officer for her new artificial intelligence biotech insitro. On stage, she spoke about how hard it was to find someone who understood AI and biology and how developing the right people in her field posed as big a challenge as developing the right data.

Would Batzoglou?want to swing by an insitro?happy hour after work Friday?

Batzoglou grabbed a beer and the two Stanford vets caught up while Koller gave the grand tour: The wide-open office?space, the automated cell-culture system, the prototyping lab for assays, the production lab with its automated titrators and microscope sequencers. An AI computer space bleeding into a wet lab built to maximal efficiency. Each area even came with a fun name: ?Random Forest,? ?Macrophage,? ?Elastic Net.?

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