Versant woos MorphoSys’ ex-CSO to its booming discovery engine, with big plans for new startups

As MorphoSys celebrated the FDA?s acceptance of its first-ever BLA ? complete with a priority review that could lead to a quick OK for its CD19-targeted CAR-T ? last Monday, former CSO Markus Enzelberger was marking a different milestone of his own.

It was his first day at Versant Ventures? discovery engine in Basel, a change of scenery after 18 years as the German biotech?s chief scientist. Newly named entrepreneur-in-residence of Ridgeline Therapeutics, Enzelberger expects to spend half of his time evaluating new opportunities for company creation and the other half helping biotech fledglings in the portfolio build the necessary infrastructure.

?I?m a technology guy,? he said. ?I?ve alw