CureVac?s Ingmar Hoerr tells us why he returned to take on a pandemic; NGM loses a president

Ingmar Hoerr

On Tuesday, Ingmar Hoerr stood up from his seat at the head of CureVac?s board of directors meeting in T?bingen, Germany and walked out the door.

For 18 years, Hoerr had led the company he founded, stewarding it even when investors rebuffed both him and his approach, before 2 years ago handing it off to Daniel Menichella, a longtime biotech business executive who could fuel the financial half of things. Now the world was facing a pandemic and CureVac might be able to build a vaccine and the board, Hoerr said, wanted someone who knew the science back in charge.

When he walked back in, he was no longer chairman and Menichella was no l