Merck KGaA adds to gene therapy manufacturing boom with ?100M facility in California

Add a new, ?100 million California facility to the growing gene therapy infrastructure.

Merck KGaA announced they are opening a second gene therapy and viral vector factory in Carlsbad, California. The new center will be just one point in the global supply chain Big Pharma is rapidly erecting to keep manufacturing capacity for the new technology at pace with clinical development. Over the past year, Novartis, PTC Therapeutics, Pfizer and Vertex each announced or opened new facilities in Switzerland, North Carolina and New Jersey that will help build gene therapy.

In November,?Reuters?reported that 11 drugmakers had set aside $2 billion for the manufacturing effort. They were led by Novartis, the giant behind the second FDA-approved gene therapy in Zolgensma which planned to spend $500 million, and Pfizer, which has yet to get a gene therapy approved but will spend $600 million. Catalent and Thermo Fisher, meanwhile, each spent over a billion dollars acquiring