Laura Shawver on why she came back after an $88M windfall; MorphoSys taps Amgen vet as CCO

Laura Shawver

Laura Shawver didn?t quite understand cancer until she had it.

By that point, in 2006, she had already been making oncology drugs for over 15 years, a dyed-in-the-wool researcher who had obtained a PhD in pharmacology before retraining herself as a molecular biologist in the heady pre-Dolly days of cloning. She knew all about tumors. She knew the genes that drove them and the drugs that halted them. Her previous company, Sugen, had sequenced cancers to develop sunitinib, one of the first kinase inhibitors.

?So I thought, oh, I?ll just go to get my tumor profiled,? Shawver told?Endpoints News?in an interview this week. ?What I found out was that Laura Shawver could get other people?s tumors sequenced, but Laura Shawver the patient ? I couldn?t get my tumor profiled to save my soul.