Bob Langer-founded cell therapy player loads up $65M to fund Roche-partnered cancer work while expanding into vaccines for infectious diseases

SQZ Biotech isn’t planning to test anything against Covid-19 for now. But when the next pandemic strikes, CEO Armon Sharei wants its cell therapy platform — which is essentially also a vaccine platform — to be ready for plug-and-play.

The expansion into infectious diseases is one of many things the Watertown, MA-based company plans to accomplish with its latest $65 million Series D.

Bob Langer

Viral and bacterial infections, both the chronic kind and the ones that can pose a sudden, global threat, had been on his radar since his PhD days at Bob Langer’s MIT lab, Sharei told Endpoints News. Now that they have pushed the first implementation of their cell engineering technique into the clinic and figured out the manufacturing setup — in the form of an oncology program