Roche beefs up diagnostic arm with another bet on faster, cheaper DNA sequencing

While Roche pours half a billion dollars into its Covid-19 antibody test, the Swiss company is quietly beefing up the rest of their diagnostics arm.

Roche today acquired Stratos Genomics, a Seattle-based developer of a new DNA technology designed to make genetic strands more easy to read. Roche said it will use the Stratos technology, alongside its existing efforts, to develop a nanopore sequencing device that can quickly and cheaply read patients’ DNA in clinics to diagnosis disease and assess the risk of developing one.

Mark Kokoris

”We are thrilled to join the Roche family, which will allow us to combine our unique Sequencing by Expansion chemistry with the Roche nanopore sequencer,” Stratos CEO Mark Kokoris said in a statement.

Though known chiefly for therapeutics, Roche has long had a strong — almost