Covid-19 roundup: Pfizer takes Moderna approach to vaccine pricing; NIH official outlines when leading candidates will enter PhIII

Pfizer will be taking the Moderna approach to Covid-19 vaccine pricing.

CEO Albert Bourla said yesterday at a Goldman Sachs virtual conference that the Pharma giant won’t put a “huge price” on their Covid-19 vaccine, should it ultimately be approved, Axios reported.

“If we were to implement free, open-market principles in pricing the product, we could go to huge prices and sell everything we can manufacture,” Bourla said. “But it would be unethical, I think. We will not do it, because that’s really taking advantage of a situation, and people will not forget if you do that.”

The approach is similar to the one Moderna has taken since the early days of the pandemic, when they generated significant attention as the leading and, at the time, one of the only companies in the race. CEO Stéphane Bancel