Inhibrx takes a second shot at an IPO — this time bumping the goal to $100M-plus

La Jolla, CA-based Inhibrx couldn’t get their $75 million IPO over the goal line last year. But with the fervor for new biotech filings seemingly growing on Wall Street, they plan to see how a $100 million play will work out now.

This time around, Inhibrx touts four Phase I drugs in the pipeline developed on its single domain antibody (sdAb) platform, three of which are geared toward various cancers. The fourth drug, INBRX-101, targets Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD).

“Our sdAb platform allows us to pursue validated targets with clinical promise, but where other antibody and biologic based approaches have failed. Highly modular, our sdAbs can be combined with precise valencies and multiple specificities, creating therapeutic candidates designed to be capable of enhanced cell signaling, conditional activation or combined synergistic functions,” the latest SEC filing states.

Jefferies Group, Evercore ISI and Credit Suisse are the joint bookrunners on this ye