How Will Virtual Speed Networking Work? A Video Guide

We’ve prepared a brief tutorial to show you how you’ll prepare for and get the most out of our first virtual speed networking event August 13th 2020. You’ll be able to participate in speed networking, as well as to have valuable discussions and network at the following themed tables:

  • Drug Discovery
  • Drug Development
  • Genomics
  • Career Development
  • COVID-19 Partnering
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical Devices
  • Science Communication
  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We’ll be using the Hopin platform, which approximates “in real life” events as much as possible, you can watch the Hopin tutorial as well.

See below for detailed instructions and schedule:

  1.  Fill out your profile completely, including your profile photo, informative headline, and social media links, especially LinkedIn
  2.  For speed networking, prepare your 30 second elevator speech for speed networking, and practice it
  3. Have a notebook handy to write down names of people you’d like to connect with, and notes on why
  4. The Hopin application and the event is accessible via a web browser via this link, chrome and safari are fully compatible.
  5. Test your camera and microphone (you can use a tool like this), and consider using a headset to ensure that others will be able to see and hear you. Choose a location with a neutral background, Hopin does not allow for changing of your video background.
  6.  Brief schedule—during the event you can also look on the left sidebar, and the right chat, to know what’s happening at any time
    1.  5:30-6:00 p.m.: Stage, Introduction and sponsors, click on “stage” on left, learn about what’s going on at the event and hear from sponsors
    2.  6:00-9:00 p.m.: Themed networking tables, or sessions, similar to a Zoom video chat, with 7 attendees each. Click on “Sessions” on left side of window. Topics: Drug Discovery, Drug Development, Genomics, Career Development, COVID-19 Partnering, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Science Communication, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion. You can choose to not share video/audio, and watch the conversation.
    3. 6:00-9:00 p.m.: Speed Networking Sessions, click on “Networking” on left side of window, you’ll be paired with someone and speak for 5 minutes, then paired with someone else, etc. (tips can be found in the videos linked above)
    4. 6:00-9:00 p.m.: Expo, with sponsor “tables,” similar to an exhibit hall, click on “expo” on left
    5.  7:30-7:45 p.m.: Stage with raffle for gift cards, click on “stage” on left
  7. If you have any issues with your video freezing, refresh your browser by pressing enter or F5 in the area where the web address is input. If this doesn’t work, try quitting your browser and restarting it.

We will also have a Q&A table (also known as session, see menu on the left) to help you if you have any questions during the event.

See you there!