Researchers at City of Hope combine oncolytic virus with a CAR-T to eradicate solid tumors in mice

A new combination of existing cancer treatments is showing early signs of potentially cracking open a new approach to treating solid tumors.

In preclinical research published by City of Hope, a California-based non-profit, scientists effectively blended CAR-T therapy with an oncolytic virus to eradicate solid tumors in mice. The virus is genetically engineered to enter the tumors and force them to express the CD19 protein, allowing the CAR-T cells to attack.

Saul Priceman

“We came up with the idea based on the compatible expertise and essentially with several investigators at City of Hope,” Saul Priceman, senior author of the paper, told Endpoints News. “It was almost an idea to overcome the challenges associated with treating solid tumors with CAR-T cell therapy … the challenge being what tumor antigen to go after in solid tumor