With a ‘monopoly’ on glycoproteomics, InterVenn raises $34M to push cancer diagnostic into the clinic, woos Illumina BD exec

For a few years now, early detection of cancer has been the sexiest topic in all of diagnostics. With billions of VC dollars poured into the pursuit of tests to sniff out tumors early, the field is full of new approaches that promise to accurately pick up traces of cancer, when patients are more likely to be cured. But amid all the -omics — ranging from next-generation genetic sequencing to high-throughput protein screening — one particular type of molecule is always absent.

Aldo Carrascoso

What’s missing is an analysis of protein glycosylation, according to InterVenn Biosciences, which has just raised $34 million to commercialize its first diagnostics.

While InterVenn may lack the glamour of big-money outfits such as Grail (now