NextCure hires Celgene vet as CMO; José Vega leaves Merck to become Moderna’s chief safety officer

NextCure has found its new CMO after the previous executive resigned last August.

Han Myint, a biopharma and academia veteran of more than 20 years, joined the company Thursday after serving as CMO at NexImmune for a little over a year. Myint had overseen the company’s Phase I/II trial for a cell therapy in acute myeloid leukemia before hopping over to NextCure.

“Han’s strong industry track record is highlighted by his involvement in the development of multiple U.S. Food and Drug approved products,” CEO Michael Richman said in a statement.

At NextCure, Myint will turn his attention toward the company’s two lead programs: NC318, an immunotherapy targeting Siglec-15, and NC410, a recombinant LAIR-2 fusion protein designed to block immune suppression mediated by the immune

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