Recursion founders gin fortunes as IPO backers shower $436M on one of the biggest boasts in AI — based on some very small deals

Bioregnum Opinion Column by John Carroll

In the AI drug development world, boasting often comes with the territory. Yet few can rival Recursion when it comes to claiming the lead role in what company execs like to call the industrialization of drug development, with promises of continued exponential growth in the number of drugs it has in the pipeline.

On Friday, the Salt Lake City-based biotech translated its unicorn-sized boasts into a killer IPO, pricing more than 24 million shares at the high end of its range and bringing in $436 million — with a large chunk of that promised by some deep-pocket backers.

But that was just at the beginning of what would prove a spectacularly successful day for CEO Chris Gibson and his league of AI researchers. Once the stock $RXRX started trading, shares zoomed…
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