San Diego Nathan Shock Center announces first grant awardees at inaugural training workshop

LA JOLLA—The San Diego Nathan Shock Center (SD-NSC) of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging, a consortium between the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Sanford Burnham Prebys (SBP) Medical Discovery Institute and the University of California San Diego, has announced the first class of pilot grant awardees at the center’s inaugural training workshop. Six recipients, each from a different institution, will receive up to $15,000 to pursue research that advances our understanding of how humans age, with the ultimate goal of extending the number of years of healthy, disease-free life (i.e., health span).

Aging is the most significant risk factor for human disease. Individuals age at different rates, and even specific cells and tissues within a person age differently. This depends on intrinsic properties, including where cells are in the body, and extrinsic factors, like environmental exposures to toxins and pathogens. Yet, scientists do not fully understand this…
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