AI startup Entos looks to one-up the rest of the field by folding quantum mechanics into its discovery platform

Imagine predicting molecular properties 1,000 times faster with 100 times less training data. That’s the future that co-founders Tom Miller and Fred Manby envision at Entos. On Wednesday, the team unveiled a $53 million Series A round and a new 16,000 square-foot San Diego headquarters to get started.

Entos came together last April with tech derived from Miller and Manby’s labs at Caltech and the University of Bristol, respectively. The two academics had been operating in the same circles for a while before they officially met at a conference in East Lansing, MI.

Tom Miller

“Over the course of that year, it’s just been an explosion of progress. It’s been incredibly exciting,” Miller, now CEO, told Endpoints News, adding that the team has grown from two to 30.

Their platform, dubbed OrbNet, uses quantum mechanics to encode and map chemical space. In addition to assisting with…
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