A stealthy startup is leveraging natural killer cells with ‘memory-like’ abilities to go after blood cancer and beyond

The promise of next-gen, “off-the-shelf” cell therapies have thoroughly entranced biopharma with the promise of lowering manufacturing costs and potentially challenging dominant checkpoint inhibitors. But to get there, companies need a potent therapy and one that can be continuously sourced from donors.

A new biotech uncloaking from a lengthy development period thinks it may have solved that puzzle.

Wugen, a primarily St. Louis, MO-based team with an office in San Diego, closed a whopping $172 million B round Thursday with plans to advance its slate of off-the-shelf “memory-like” natural killer cell therapies, which the biotech thinks offers greater cytotoxicity and durability than standard NK cells.

Abingworth and Tybourne Capital Management led the round with an expansive slate of new and existing investors on board.

Wugen is built off research from Todd Fehniger’s lab at Washington University in St. Louis on the effect of memory NK cells in blood cancer, melanoma…
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