Celularity teams up with Australian biotech to develop CAR T-cell therapy; Former Kinnate CEO Stephen Kaldor reels in $50M for new biotech

Imugene and Celularity have announced a partnership to develop a solid tumor treatment, the two companies announced Wednesday.

The collaboration will explore the use of Imugene’s CF33-CD19, an oncolytic virus, and Celularity’s CAR T-cell therapy CD19. Studies of in vitro and in vivo models will start this year.

Celularity’s CD19 has shown T cell growth while killing tumor cells in vivo, and scientists believe that when combined with CF33-CD19, the therapy could improve outcomes for patients with solid tumors.

“We believe the synergy between Celularity’s placental derived cells and our OnCARlytic platform has the potential to shift the cellular medicine paradigm,” Imugene CEO Leslie Chong said. “In preclinical studies Celularity’s cellular therapies have shown the ability to overcome limitations that have hindered other approaches, including increased proliferation and persistence in vivo, resistance to T-cell exhaustion and low immunogenicity, which allows for repeated dosing. These unique characteristics perfectly align with our vision…
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