Recro takes on big brother role with opioid addiction drug maker, handling manufacturing duties and advising on FDA work

Just three weeks ago, CDMO Recro Pharma expanded its footprint to the West Coast, as it acquired San Diego-based Irisys for $50 million cash. The deal helped the company branch out into a broader set of dosage forms — and now that buyout is already bearing fruit.

Recro will serve as both an advisor to BioCorRx in its small molecule development for its opiate addiction treatment drug, dubbed Bicx104, in addition to manufacturing it. The subcutaneous pellet of naltrexone has been given the OK by the FDA to start in-person trials, largely funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the NIH.

It isn’t the company’s first foray into the opioid crisis — in April, Recro announced an agreement with San Diego-based Ensysce — but it will allow the CDMO to use its experience with manufacturing and FDA filings to guide the smaller company.

“This is a perfect example…
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