Salk plant researchers launch collaboration to breed carbon-capturing sorghum

LA JOLLA—Researchers at the Salk Institute’s Harnessing Plants Initiative (HPI) have established a five-year, $6.2 million collaboration with Nadia Shakoor, principal investigator and senior research scientist and her team at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center to identify and develop sorghum plants that can better capture and store atmospheric carbon.

The work, which will first involve gaining a better understanding of the genetics of sorghum, fits into the broader goal of HPI to address climate change by optimizing the ability of crop plants to remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it deeply in the ground for long periods.

“The Harnessing Plants Initiative is excited to partner with the Danforth Plant Science Center, which, like Salk, is a world leader in applying basic plant research to solve important problems such as climate change,” says Todd Michael, a research professor in Salk’s Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory…
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