NZMP Partnership with Sun Genomics Helps Bring Precision Probiotics to Consumers

CHICAGO and SAN DIEGO: CHICAGO and SAN DIEGO, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NZMP, the ingredient-solutions brand by global dairy company Fonterra, and Sun Genomics, one of the world’s first, made-to-order probiotic companies, have established a partnership to undertake consumer studies to better understand the various health benefits of probiotics. Sun Genomics makes precision probiotics branded Floré. By having individuals test their gut microflora, Floré can customize a ‘precision probiotic’ supplement, formulated to address individual needs. Studies show that 90% of the body’s gut microbiome is unique, indicating the need for personalization to result in effective changes. A credible supplier in the U.S. with three decades of experience researching this type of probiotics, NZMP was a natural choice to supply Sun Genomics with both of their clinically proven HN001™ & HN019™ strains necessary to create this personalized probiotic for consumers. Fonterra discovered and commercialized these strains over 20 years ago…
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