Joseph Arron marches to the beat of his own drum at 23andMe; Ex-Voyager CFO joins Sek Kathiresan at Verve Therapeutics

Joseph Arron

Joseph Arron is sometimes referred to as the black sheep of his family. While everyone else is a professional musician, he was always more interested in science.

“I played music, but I was never that keen on pursuing that as a career,” Arron says, adding that his dad played in orchestras, his mom was the director of Carnegie Hall, and his brother is a professional cellist.

Arron is a maestro in a different kind of field — and now, genetic data will be the music to his ears as he leaves a 15-year career at Genentech to become 23andMe’s new CSO.

“23andMe’s strategic advantage is obviously its database,” Arron says in an interview with Endpoints News. “What attracted me here at this particular time was the realization of how large the database really is.”

The company — largely known for its saliva collection…
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